Q: What do you make? 

A: Mostly, we make pillow covers for any room, person, style, color, etc etc etc. We believe that pillows are the one design element in the room that everyone interacts with, and also the easiest to change- whether for the seasons or if you decide to go crazy and repaint your walls!

We are launching a new collection of wool, cashmere and camel hair blankets and a series of table runners for any size and season.

In the Holiday Season we also make Christmas Stockings and holiday table runners.

By request we also make bedding for cribs. Love the little babies.

Q: Are inserts included in the purchase?

A: No, they're not. We do this because everyone has a preference on what kind of pillow they like: down, poly-fill, firm, soft, and the list goes on... It's better if we send you the cover and you pick your own pillow.

Q: Where can I buy inserts? 

A:  You can buy inserts at your local fabric store, Michael's Craft Store, Pottery Barn- most stores that sell throw pillows will sell inserts. If you need to look online, check out fabric.com, overstock.com, amazon.com- they all sell good options.

Q: What size insert should I buy?

A: It depends on how firm you like your pillows. If you choose a down insert, we recommend you get the size bigger than the pillow form, typically down inserts run small. So if you order a 20x20 pillow from us, get a 22x22 down form. If you want a poly-fill insert, it's typically ok to order the size of the insert. Another option is bamboo. It's not as soft as poly or down, but it holds fantastic shape.

Q: How do you decide what fabrics to use?

A: First we look at the colors, do they complement each other? Then we look at the weight of the fabric. You never want to mix an organic, light cotton with a linen or upholstery cotton- the pillow will be all wonky. And let's be real, who wants a wonky pillow? No one.

Finally we look at the print. It's a risky move to pair two unique prints, not everyone responds to mix prints. But life is too short not to mix we say. So if we like it, we mix. If we don't, we solid. Not a plain solid, but a solid with it's own unique texture. In the end, it's our own creation, because who wants a store-bought, over manufactured pillow that can be found in any household?

Q: Do you always agree on what to make?

A: No!!! But we made a deal: if one person truly loathes the fabric or the combination, it's scrapped. If it's a noncommittal shrug, it's made. And inevitably, it ends up selling really really well and a little 'I told you so' action happens.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

 A: Yes! We love doing custom work. We can do any color or size combination. Or, if you like a pillow on the site but not the matching fabric, let us know and we can create something special for you.

Q: If I see a pillow on the site, but want a different size, is that possible?

A: It depends on the fabric and what's in stock. But we'll do whatever we can to get you what you want, so ask away!