How we got started

We began by fighting over fabric. Who won? No one (actually I did, but we say no one to keep everyone happy). But we did learn something that day; we learned how much we both LOVE fabric, mixing prints, and textures. Now we, a mother/daughter team, stand unified in our purchases (most of the time) and our desire to create unique, yet classic, combinations for you to display in your home. 

We also agree on how much we love to support local business, so we try to buy fabric from stores close to where we are. This way we get to touch the fabric, a critical step in pillow making- much has been rejected because of a negative tactile response.

Finally, we love to travel, as much as possible. And when these trips coincide with local fabric shopping...  magic happens. Beautiful pillows from unique, sometimes one-off fabrics, are created... for YOU. Because we're only ever thinking about you, I promise. :)

Let us know if there is any style or color you are looking for and don't see on the site, we'll put together some ideas and send them your way. 
Happy shopping!! 
-Erin & Jennell